This book is a mirror of our own Creation.

The Creator explains his great heart awakening with his beloved Sophia and the rippling effect this love still has on all levels of Creation today. He/She explains the different levels and systems of Creation, how they began, and what their purpose is. He explains the importance of the Shadow’s exposure and its emergence into light, what the stargates have to do with this shift, and how the end of Karma is affecting the Earth changes on our planet. He/She talks about the “Golden Age of Enlightenment” and the great healing of the feminine, which is activating our DNA coding, and awakening us into the Second Coming of Christ collectively.
The Creator’s overall message gives us hope and understanding of the larger picture of the end times being played out on our planet and that this is the greatest role that we have ever played out collectively on the Earth plane. This awakening and shift is moving us beyond linear time through the 2012 doorway into Enlightenment, Ascension, and into Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth in all life forms. The Creator explains that this book is actually a healing manuscript for those who read it.

Experience love, joy, abundance, freedom, and grace.

“The book you hold in your hand just now is of rare quality. It will speak directly to your heart! The author claims that she is only a humble medium of a higher source – the Creator him/herself. While reading this amazing and powerful text you begin to feel that this claim may be fully justified. Here the Creator brings to you the experience of his/her own growth and awakening, which is at the same time the story of your own light beginning to shine into a world seemingly ruled by darkness and fear. This book is an eye and heart-opener that is particularly needed in this time of troubles.”

— Mats Friberg
Emeritus Professor (Assoc.)
in Peace and Conflict Research, Gothenburg University, Sweden

Creators Special! Autographed by Michelle Phillips

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